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Sydney Smith School is an 11 - 16 age group mixed comprehensive school. The school was officially opened 6th October 1967, then later established in 1988 as part of the reorganisation of secondary education in Hull.

The school is located in pleasant surroundings found on the western outskirts of Hull and is within sight of the Humber Bridge. The site has excellent, modern facilities on a very large purpose built site which backs onto nearby farmland. These facilities include: A swimming pool, D&T department, many computer rooms, two sport gyms, large assembly hall and a library.

Raising Of The Participation Age

Soon, all young people will be in education or training until they are 18. In the past, young people could leave education when they were 16, but things are changing. This means that those leaving Year 11 in 2013 will need to remain in learning until the end of the academic year in which they turn 17. Those leaving Year 11 from 2014 will need to remain in learning until they are 18. This is the Government's policy and is known as Raising the Participation Age (RPA).

The Following two leaflets contain more information

  • RPA Parent & Carers leaflet Hull
  • RPA Young Persons leaflet Hull

  • More information about RPA can be found on Hull City Councils website and on the Clued up in Hull website.


    A letter detailing the arrangements for this year's examinations is available on the Letters page
    The Latest OFSTED report is now online, for more information click here
    Policy Updates
    The Complaints Procedures Policy has been updated. It can be viewed on the Policies page.
    Extra-Curricular Activities
    Details on extra-curricular activities currently running.
    Macmillan Coffee Morning
    A poem and photos from our Macmillan Coffee Morning.
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